Episode 29 : On Our Soapbox!

On Our Soapbox

Maybe it is the heat. Maybe it is the lingering pandemic. Matt & Joyce have some youth baseball peeves that are just ready to explode.

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1 thought on “Episode 29 : On Our Soapbox!

  1. I think when they build a ballpark the whole facility is razed and leveled. Then the individual fields and fences are laid out. Then they plant a few trees which won’t provide meaningful shade for decades. That is just a guess. Trees are nice at youth ballfields and too scarce.

    A strike zone shouldn’t change during a game, so umps can have a big zone as long as it is the same late in the game as it is early in the game. Maybe the ump is ready to go in the last couple of innings, but there might be a kid who is getting his only at bat of the game in the box and he shouldn’t have to swing at a pitch nose-high because the ump is anxious to leave.

    Sunburned in Hamilton,

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